Loss is a normal part of lived experience.The Grammar of Grief Handbook is a website, a living online resource for people seeking performance practices which can help them work through losses in their lives. Memorials to our losses are typically thought of as stone structures rising above eye level in a public square. The Handbook reimagines memorials as performance practices which can be done at home and come out of our bodies' unique relationship to grief in our lives. The Grammar of Grief Series began as a commission from the San Francisco Chronicle and is generously hosted by Temple Contemporary at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with invaluable support for the online Handbook from the Minnesota Street Project Virtual Adjunct Residency in San Francisco, CA.

Submit your own practices and prompts anytime. The Grammar of Grief Handbook selects and publishes new submissions four times a year. Please note that the Grammar of Grief Handbook does not seek original poetry, song or movement about loss - but rather written, movement, sound based practices which have worked for you to process your loss, which people experiencing similar losses can try on their own. Next publication - August 2021.

Please submit:

  1. Your name, email and a short bio which includes your website and social media handles if you have them. 
  2. An image, written practice, short video and/or sound piece which shows how you move the grief surrounding this loss through your body. You can submit up to 4 entries in one application.
  3. A short narrative about the loss which your entry is responding to, and another of how you would describe this memorial practice for another person to try. 
  4. Up to 3 tags which Grammar of Grief Handbook users can use to search for your entry and other entries like it.
  5. A brief image description, as applicable.